Reviving Scrap Paper: The Story of the Paper Guardian

By Simon Wu (lead design and partner)

The Seed

While studying design in college, I gained a profound understanding of the significance of waste reduction and environmental stewardship in design. One concept that quickly gained popularity among the students was to create notebooks out of the scap paper from the printer room or computer lab. This ingenious approach allowed us to repurpose paper, save money, and transform waste into something meaningful.

As I ventured into the real world post-college, I couldn't help but notice the prevalent issue of paper waste wherever I went. The notion of repurposing scrap paper into useful notebooks lingered in the recesses of my mind, yet it never transcended the realm of contemplation.

The Comeback

The resurgence of inspiration came when we successfully launched our Adjustable Bag—a product founded on the principle of simplifying and designed to accompany explorers on their worldly journeys. It was then that the concept of an eco-notebook resurfaced. This idea aligned perfectly with our mission of simplicity while contributing to the well-being of the awe-inspiring world we cherished through our travels. Thus, we knew it was something we had to do.

The Process

Although numerous do-it-yourself scrap paper notebook options existed, we aimed to create a product that would be easy to use and work well so that it would motivate more people to write on scrap paper. We brainstormed an extensive array of features that we believed would make this product truly captivating, and we set to work.

We explored various ideas and experimented with different prototypes. Some concepts that appeared brilliant on paper fell short in physical form, and vice versa. We tirelessly prototyped, tested, and reprototyped until we discovered a direction that resonated with all of us and we felt people would love.

The Final Result

The final outcome is a product that encapsulates what we consider to the most practical scrap-paper notebook to date. Our design boasts a compact and slim format, prioritizing portability and writing comfort. The notebook's construction incorporates durable recycled ABS plastic, ensuring exceptional longevity. Moreover, it incorporates paper storage and organization, guaranteeing a constant supply of writing material, as well as paper segmentation and an integrated cutter for effortlessly resizing paper into more practical dimensions.

The Paper Guardian transcends the realm of a mere notebook. It serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the environment. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply an individual who values the well-being of our planet, you'll love Paper Guardian.

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