I see you guys have a new bag - B3. What is the difference between B3 and A10?

The biggest differences between the B3 and the A10 is that B3 is backpack-specific, has increased backpack ergonomics, and a laptop compartment. However, cannot be used as single-strap bag, or be collapsed.

What are the exact sizes of The Adjustable Bag A10 and The Adjustable Backpack B3?

The A10 and B3 are of equal size which are:
Volume > (S) 31L, (M) 46.5L, (L) 62L
Inches > (S) 12,2 x 12,2 x 16,1 in, (M) 12,2 x 12,2 x 24,2 in, (L) 12,2 x 12,2 x 32,3 in
CM - (S) 31 x 31 x 41 cm, (M) 31 x 31 x 61.5 cm, (L) 31 x 31 x 82 cm

Can Piorama bags be thrown into the washing machine?

Since the intensity of all washing machines may vary, we recommend hand washing our products with cold/warm water and mild soap.

Is there anything like The Adjustable Bag A10 or The Adjustable Backpack B3 in the market?

A10, B3, and all current products in development are designed exclusively in our design studio. Unless it’s a knock-off, there are no other products like ours in the market.

Do the A10 or the B3 have inner compartments?

They are both single-compartment bags.

Was The Adjustable Bag once called TAB?

Yes, when we first launched The Adjustable Bag, it was named TAB, an abbreviation of The Adjustable Bag. However, due to prior use of the name TAB on an unrelated product, we had to stick to only using the full name The Adjustable Bag.

Is A10 also The Adjustable Bag?

Yes, they refer to the same bag and can be used together or separately. A10 stands for “Adjustable to 10 configurations.” This is the sum of each of its three configurations adjustable into three sizes (3x3=9), plus one collapsed configuration.

How resistant is A10?

Although we’ve tested the bag with up to 200 pounds, in order to ensure its longevity, we recommend using it with no more than 90 pounds.

How strong are the plastic buckles on Piorama products?

We use Duraflex brand ABS buckles, which are the strongest in the market and prefered by most top name brands.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes, all our bags come with a 3 year limited warranty.

Will A10 fit a yoga mat?

Yes, in M configuration A10 is 24.2" which can fit most mats. In L configuration it's 32.25 which will fit all larger mats.

Can the A10 and B3 be used as a carry on?

Yes, they both can be taken as carry on’s in their small and medium configurations.

Can the A10 and B3 be checked in?

Absolutely and our customers use their bags regularly for travel.