Third Generation A10 and Price Adjustment

We're thrilled to introduce our third-generation A10 bag, a multi-configuration travel duffel. At Piorama, we believe in continuously improving our products, and our adjustable A10 is no exception. We've made several small changes to this new iteration, resulting in a more comfortable and durable bag.

One of the significant changes we've made is the use of all YKK zippers, which provide a slightly higher level of durability than the SBS zippers used in our previous generation bags. While we stand by the quality of the SBS zippers, we believe that YKK has a slight edge in durability that will be appreciated in the long run. This expandable duffel bag is also an adjustable travel bag, making it a versatile and customizable option for different types of travelers.

We've also updated the construction of the backpack straps. Although the previous straps were comfortable, we've received feedback from some users, mostly women with narrower shoulders, that the straps could be uncomfortable during extended use. Our new construction is softer around the edges and provides greater comfort for everyone. This convertible travel bag is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and versatile travel bag.

In addition, we've updated our branding to reflect the bag's unique 31-62L capacity adjustability, both inside and outside the bag. This reflects the bag’s unique ability to be used as a day bag, weekend bag, adventure bag, or travel bag.

These updates provide increased comfort and durability in line with our vision of a product that is not only "the only bag you need" but also "the last bag you need." Our top-rated duffel bag is now even better with these updates and is an affordable travel bag option that's also high-quality and stylish.

Starting in May, the price of the new black version of our third-gen A10 will increase from $149 to $175. We understand that this is a significant increase, but the rising manufacturing costs, combined with the significant updates to the bag, make this necessary. Keep in mind that at $175, you're not just getting a better bag than previous versions; you're also getting a versatile travel-duffel that can transform into multiple other sized bags. We believe that this investment is priceless. Our goal has always been to provide you with the best possible quality product at an affordable price, and we believe that the third-gen A10 continues to deliver on that promise.

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